"I purchased the Little Mo speakers for my home stereo system when I bought a new receiver. Frankly, these are the absolute best stereo speakers I have ever owned. They sound amazing! They may be compact, but the sound is truly room-filling. In fact, the sound from these speakers fills my entire house, without distortion. The clarity of the sound and the detail you can hear are excellent, and are what I would expect from speakers that cost over twice as much. I can pick out individual instruments and can hear details in my music that I had never heard after many years of listening. The audio quality from these speakers is such good quality that my girlfriend and even my father commented on how good they sounded. The build quality is also top quality, with beautiful walnut veneer that perfectly matched the décor in my home. The attention to detail and quality that was taken in building these speakers is nothing short of amazing".


Michael, P.h.D.,  Indiana