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Little Mo (pair)

The Little Mo is a bookshelf size audiophile quality speaker. The driver complement includes a 1" Seas tweeter and 5-1/4" treated paper cone woofer with rubber surrounds. Each speaker includes two crossover boards, one for each driver. Internal components, capacitors, resistors, inductors, and wire, are hand picked for their contribution to the sound. Component connections are point to point; circuit boards are not used eliminating their influence on the sound. The enclosure is void of all resonance made of voidless Baltic Birch covered in real wood veneers. The finish is georgeous hand rubbed with coconut oil and beeswax . Stiff and large diameter cables are readily connected to surfaced mounted five-way binding posts. 


There is virtually no additional impedance in the woofer circuit allowing the music dynamics to come through without compression. Bass is tight, articulate, and has a presence that defies the woofer size. The tweeter is free of vocal sibilance. You, the listener, will hear the strike of the drumstick and identify each cymbal’s sonic signature without listening fatigue. Vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, piano, horns, all sound natural with full harmonic presence. You will hear instrument timbre when the recording allows and the changes in tonality between sources and source material.


The speakers are designed and tested "mid-room" emulating a true listening environment. The result is full audio spectrum sound from a small speaker. Frequency response in a 8’ x 12’ x 18’ room is 20hz to 22khz +/- 5db with the speakers on 3' stands about 10" from the back wall.


The speaker size is 11"h x 7"w x 8"d. Nominal impedance is 6 ohms. Recomended minimum amplifier/receiver capable of driving 4 ohm loads at 20hz - 20khz, both channels driven @40wpc.

  • Return Policy

    The Little Mo Speaker 15 day satisfaction guarantee:  Contact Mo's Speaker Shop via email within 15 days should you realize the speakers are not a good sonic fit for your electronics.  The speakers must be packaged in the original box and in pristine "new" cosmetic and functional condition or the speakers will be returned to you and the purchase amount not refunded. Shipping is pre-paid by you, the buyer.  The original shipping charge is non-refundable. Shipping damage and loss is not covered by the satisfaction guarantee. Shipping insurance is suggested.  Allow up to one week for the refund to appear on your credit card after the speakers are received.