About Small Speakers

The Little Mo is a bookshelf size audiophile quality speaker designed and tested "mid-room" emulating a real listening environment. The result is full audio spectrum sound from a small footprint. Bass is detailed, vocals, guitars, horns, drums, sound natural.  Treble is detailed, free of fatigue and sibilance. The sound stage mirrors the recording including depth and instrument placement.  Close up the Little Mo presents macro and micro music details.  In room and beyond the Little Mo is dynamic and sonically satisfying regardless of the bookshelf size footprint.      


The Little Mo will let you hear the sonic attributes of speaker cables, interconnect cables, and related electronics. The following brands were used to audition the Little Mo - Ampex, Audience Ohno III, Audioquest, Audio Technica VM740 series cartridge, Cardas, Core Power Audio Cable, Dynaco MK-IV, Grado, Gold Lion Tubes, Jolida, Kimber Kable, Modified Magnavox CD player, Morrow Audio, NAD, NOS vacuum tubes (GE, RCA, Gold Lion), Pangea, Parasound Classic, Pioneer Class A Amplifier (cir. 1980), Polk Audio (cir. 1980), Pro-Ject Turntables, Pro-Ject (D/A converter, tube phono stage), Rogue Audio Cronus, Straightwire, Sumiko Blue Point, Synergistic Research, Tung-Sol, VooDoo Cables, and Yamaha Integrated.


There are plenty of small monitors out there with pricing $6K and better.  Listen to those speakers with their best set up, better yet, listen to live music both amplified and without amplification then compare that sound with the Little Mo.  You will then realize just how true the Little Mo sound and at a cost far below what you thought possible. The Little Mo is a quality audiophile speaker. 


About the Better Business Bureau credit rating – my passion is making a class “A” audiophile product you will keep.  To provide a class A product my business practice and work acumen must also be class A.  Mo’s Speaker Shop has a 15-day satisfaction guarantee for the Little Mo.  Full details of the guarantee can be found via the “Shop” link or simply click here.  Please feel free to contact Mo’s Speaker Shop with any questions you may have.  I will be happy to answer them for you.