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The speakers of Mo's Speaker Shop produce life-like detail, depth, natural timbre, and dynamics. Each speaker is handcrafted and designed to provide years of listening enjoyment.


The Story of
Mo's Speaker Shop

The speakers of Mo's Speaker Shop are the culmination of years listening to live and recorded music identifying the positive sonic attributes of each music instrument and reproducing the music with as many natural sonic attributes possible.

  • Each item, one at a time, is auditioned with known music and related equipment making sure nothing is lost and what is gained remains balanced and natural but with increased detail, harmonics, depth, and sound-stage.

  • Baltic Birch is used for the density and inherent damping of resonance by way of the many small thickness of void-less layers. The dimensions and size of the sealed enclosure acts as an infinite baffle adding depth, detail and balance to low frequencies.


  • The type and volume of insulation controls the mid-range frequencies leaving the bass frequencies unobstructed.


  • Auditioned were many wire types and configurations included OFC, 6/9’s copper, long grain copper, teflon coated, PVC coated, thick strand, thin strand, and multi strand.


  • Inductors were chosen for copper purity and gauge size and to minimize damping.


  • Auditioning included 8 top brands capacitors and different families within each brand. I returned again and again to one capacitor that has fullness and frequency balance sounding fabulous through-out each crossover.


  • The woofer cone is made of coated, damped paper with rubber surround and has always been my woofer material of choice for articulation, detail, and natural presentation.  


  • Now including Cardas CCPB copper billet binding posts!


The driving force behind Mo's Speaker Shop is to design and create products

that let you hear what reproduced music should sound like!

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