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The Story of
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The sound of Mo's Speaker Shop speakers is the culmination of years listening to live

and recorded music identifying the positive sonic attributes of each musical

instrument and reproducing music with those natural sonic attributes.

  • Each component is auditioned with known music and equipment making sure nothing is lost and what is gained is detail, harmonics, depth, and sound-stage.

  • Baltic Birch is used for the density and inherent damping of resonance by way of the many small thickness of void-less layers. The dimensions and size of the sealed enclosure acts as an infinite baffle adding depth, detail and balance to low frequencies.

  • The insulation compliments the mid-range frequencies leaving the bass frequencies unobstructed.

  • Internal wiring includes oxygen free long grain copper and stranded for the best sound.

  • Inductors were chosen for copper purity and gauge size and correct damping.

  • Capacitors were chosen for fullness and frequency balance used through-out each crossover.

  • The woofer cone is coated/damped paper with rubber surround providing smooth, articulate mid-range detail and clean, articulate bass.                                                                          

  • The tweeter is from Seas chosen for a frequency balance, frequency range, SPL capabilities and natural presentation.

  • Covered with real keepsake wood veneers hand rubbed with coconut oil and beeswax to a gorgeous finish.

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